Personalised communication to improve customer loyalty and profitability

Using personalised Direct Mail to improve client loyalty and profitability

Relevant and consistent communications provides measurable benefits in developing stable long-term relationships with your clients. But while most of us understand this, limitations (often starting with time) prevent us from implementing even simple strategies that would significantly improve our client retention rates.

Here's a 3 step process we can help you to implement (with or without Web2Print) to get the conversation started with your clients - and to help you see profitable benefits.

  1. Make a list of one communication you could send to your clients for each step of the client relationship - here are 5 that we think are important.

    1. Acquisition
      Eg. Marketing collateral; vouchers
    2. Welcome
      Eg. Welcome/ thanks for your business letters, member cards, new client packages
    3. Promote
      Eg. Business/ networking cards; Stationery; Offers, brochures and catalogues; Direct Marketing; Promotional gifts and merchandise; Renewal notices.
    4. Nurture
      Eg. Segmented offers, information & updates; Vouchers; Loyalty cards
    5. Farewell
      Sorry to see you go letters and feedback requests; Thanks for working with us gifts.
  2. Develop at least one communication for each of these circumstances

Our copywriters and designers can help you with this where needed. 

  1. Start implementing

While this can seem a daunting task, particularly if you already have a large client base, it does not need to be. We'll show you ways to gently roll these processes into your business.

Your Web2Print solution can be set up with your branding, incorporate approval processes, and even include voucher and payment systems where relevant. Our central hub can service your business requirements throughout Australia.

Let us help you to streamline communications and improve client profitability...

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