Making the most of Social Media

Making the most of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – do you sometimes feel at a loss over which social media programs are best for keeping connected with your clients and prospects?

You only need to take a quick look at "The Conversation Prism" by Brian Solis and Jess3 to realise the extent at which social media is growing.

With everything moving so rapidly, it is becoming increasingly important to get the right advice as to the best vehicles to showcase your products and your business.

Ready to test the waters?

If you're a relative newcomer to social media and would like to test the waters, Joomba can work through a "Getting started in social media" package with you, helping you to set up the two most relevant social media accounts for your business, and direct you in getting the most from them.

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Social Media got too big to handle in-house?

If your social media strategy is well and truely in action, we can step in and help you to manage it, whilst ensuring your branding and credibility is kept in tact. From helping you to schedule a calandar of tweets each month, to tweeting and monitoring posts on your behalf, when working with you on your tactical marketing campaigns we are in an ideal position to add real value to your social media strategy.

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