Personalised URLs (pURLs)

Personalised URL marketing is a powerful add-on to direct mail campaigns.

The convenience and personalisation of an online response channel can see response rates soar.

Personalised URLs (or pURLs) are a valuable resource for linking recipients to further relevant information from other marketing media that has a fixed amount of realty - like direct mail, emails, text messages and QR Codes.

Extending upon your already personalised and relevant communication, Joomba can link your recipients to a personalised web address (I.e. www., prompting interaction with relevant information, questionnaires, subscriptions, downloads, registration forms, or any other electronic content. (See an example pURL at:

Studies show that by simply including a pURL with the person’s name on a direct mail piece, response rates can increase by as much as 30% - or more when integrated in a well executed cross-channel campaign. And once directed to their highly relevant site, with very little effort, visitors are interacting with your business, and you are learning more about their interests and preferences.

Joomba pURLs, like direct mail, are as customisable as your database allows. Just as visitors are greeted by name when visiting their pURL, any content, products, forms, offers, and even the colour of the page can be set to align with their data profile - allowing each visitor to experience a highly relevant interaction. 

PURLs are a great way to connect with your customers. You can use them to:

  • Promote products and services that are most relevant to each visitor
  • Update your database
  • Build upon customer profiles
  • Gain & renew subscriptions
  • Collect event registrations

With the ability to measure campaign success - down to an individual level, pURLs are a fantastic tool to include in many cross media campaigns.

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