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Email & SMS Services

Joomba's email marketing and database management service helps your business communicate and market products and services more effectively through email & SMS marketing.

Whether you're sending member newsletters, product updates, offers, press releases, or all of the above, Jooma's custom-designed email marketing templates and detailed response reports make it easy to impress your audience and grow your business.

As with all our services, Joomba will develop custom email and SMS programs to meet your unique business needs. 

Joomba Email Campaigns

Joomba's optional Campaign Services engage your customers in real one to one marketing dialogue. You can create a series of email and SMS messages that are triggered automatically based on the consumer's profile and interactions across any timeframe.

With the campaign services we can:

  • Set up a series of scheduled messages. Ideal for electronic courses, newsletters, pre and post sales and service communications.
  • Automatically send Birthday Specials to your customers 5 days before their birthday and a Happy Birthday greeting on the day.
  • Create an Event Campaign that automatically confirms registered attendees, promotes viral marketing to colleagues, sends reminders and even feedback surveys.
  • Automatically send targeted messages to customers based on the links or images they click in a message or what they select from a web form
  • Trigger targeted messages based on personal preferences gleaned from other marketing campaigns or purchase history.
  • Manage online competitions.

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