Data Services

Clean data delivers better results and bigger savings

The quality of your data list will impact greatly on your return on investment (ROI) with any marketing campaign.

Working with your internal or purchased lists, Joomba will lower your print, mailing, and postage costs through the elimination of undesirable records in your list:  duplicate records, bad addresses, moved records or unqualified target records. And depending on your project requirements and sensitivities we can also compare your listing against White Pages, Yellow Pages, Australia Posts Postal Address File, National Change of Address and the ACMA Do Not Call Register - speeding up the delivery of your mail while earning you the lowest possible postage rates.

Our goal is to get your mail piece to the intended recipient quickly, looking professional, and at the lowest cost.  We offer the following data processing services to meet this goal for you:

Data Hygiene
Data Conversion
Duplicate Elimination
Case Conversion & Genderising
N'th Select
Manual List Clean-Up
Phone & Email Appending
Record Suppression
Do Not Contact Opt Out Service Suppression
Postal Data Processing
Address Standardisation
Delivery Point Validation
Presort for all Postage Classifications

Put your in-house database in the hands of professionals.

Many customers tell us that their in-house database is not marketing-friendly. It is often out of date, cumbersome to get critical data and makes reporting in a timely manner almost impossible.

Joomba can help.  We can help you build and manage databases with hundreds to  tens of thousands of records, ensuring it handles data entry and updates, mail list generation, reporting, and secure offsite backup. We can create and maintain your marketing database to help you generate and track leads, measure customer activity, facilitate upselling, analyse trends, and more.

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