Personalised (B2Me) Cross Media Marketing

Are you ready to get more from your marketing dollar?

Companies all around the world are using personalised cross media marketing to refine their marketing approach, driving down long-term spend, improving customer satisfaction and increasing repeat sales. In a nut shell getting a better return on their investment for their marketing spend.

Cross Media Marketing Campaign - sample flow


B2Me cross media marketing is today used to meet a variety of marketing objectives.

At Joomba, we help you to utilise personalised cross media marketing to your best advantage, whether for a specific campaign - or to apply  B2Me marketing holistically across the breadth of your client interactions for ongoing results.

We can help you implement campaigns utilising the media channels most relevant to your project, target audience and budget for every client interaction.  

  • Find new clients
  • Welcoming new clients
  • Promoting products and services to clients
  • Nurturing client relationships
  • Farewelling clients

It's time to speak with us about the benefits of integrating B2Me cross media marketing within your business communications.

Worldwide, statistics are showing that personalised marketing programs driven across print, email, web and other interactive media are realising considerably higher response rates and bottom dollar returns than static (one size fits all) campaigns across the same channels. Joomba helps you utilise the most appropriate channels for each project or business objective, delivering measurable campaigns that carry a consistent message across all channels.

Whether you call it one-to-one marketing, personalised marketing, or B2Me marketing, our personalised cross-channel solutions help you establish a dialogue with your customer that builds customer loyalty, and due to its interactive nature also builds upon your customer data with each campaign - making the next communication even more relevant.

Through increased relevancy of content, imagery and even wording in your B2Me campaign we help you target in on your ideal customer and achieve much more lucrative results than you would otherwise achieve with generic marketing pieces sent to a larger audience.

Ask us how a cross media campaign can help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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