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Stein Mart Drives Store Traffic and Grows Customer Database

Vertical Market: Travel & Entertainment

Business Application: Direct Marketing / Traffic Generation

Business Objectives: Stein Mart stores offer the merchandise, service, and presentation of a better department store, at prices competitive with off-price retail chains. Stein Mart selected stores from Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana to participate in a cross-media direct marketing campaign designed to:

  • Increase store traffic through redemption of coupon offers
  • Build database of potential new customers

They expected to see a 2-3% redemption rate, which would amount to 400-600 redemptions.





Results: Working with marketing service provider Dukky, Stein Mart gained national exposure with a direct mail campaign incorporating viral elements.


  • 150.1% visit rate - Over 20,000 postcards were sent out, and due to the integration of social sharing, 30,068 visits were driven to the campaign micro-site
  • 7.8% response rate to direct mail alone - representing individuals who visited their Personalized URL and completed an online questionnaire
  • Stein Mart added 13,868 additional customers to their database, thanks to social media, email, and text sharing
  • The campaign's redemption rate was more than 13 times higher than their expected goal. Store owners reported over 8,000 redemptions from this direct mail campaign. Based on the initial customer database of 20,029 this campaign's redemption rate was 40%.

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