Why Joomba?

Finding it harder to acquire & retain customers? We're here to help.

Joomba: B2Me Smart Marketing Solutions

Our name says it all. Specialising in one-to-one marketing, Joomba helps you develop and implement strategic, relevance based relationship marketing campaigns. Implementing high-impact, high-performance strategies, we help you to find, develop and retain relationships with those people important to the success of your business or organisation (customers, members, staff, sponsors, donors, fans), more effectively than ever before.

How do we do it?

Joomba’s tactical, interactive approach to marketing delivers you high response rates through the delivery of consistently relevant communications. We identify your customer and learn as much as possible about them, allowing us to craft your sales and marketing material to them…. personally. We understand that it is a person who is going to invest in what you have to offer not a vague demographic, and our skill in targeting in on the needs (and loyalties) of that person allows us to package your message in a manner that sparks their interest and evokes interaction. See an example of a personalised campaign

Each marketing project or campaign that we design or implement for you is developed around the needs of your target audience. With a complete collection of integrated marketing tools we facilitate communication through the channels most relevant to your audience, and where appropriate implement cross-channel campaigns to get even stronger results. Our technical, design and copywriting teams are skilled at developing successful creative solutions across print, web, email, SMS and other interactive media.

Why does it work?

The strong uptake of social media over the past decade is mirroring our human desire for stronger relationships. We don’t usually like to generalise, but it is being shown that on a whole, people are showing a greater desire to be known, to be appreciated, and to not have their time wasted with irrelevant information.  It is the businesses around the world that are harnessing this information and working with it, that are seeing growth and client retention at levels unusual to today’s business climate. 

Joomba provides you with the skills and technology required to implement targeted and measurable one-to-one marketing programs across the media channels relevant to your consumer. Our flexible approach enables you to establish a flowing dialogue that fosters customer loyalty whilst building upon customer data with every communication – now that’s Smart Marketing.

Our Approach:

Whatever your project requirements, the Joomba team is flexible and easy to work with. There are 4 main elements to our approach

  1. Organisation understanding & strategy definition
    By taking the time to understand your organisation, project, and desired outcomes first, we are able to define or refine truly implementable strategies.

  2. Create conditions for success
    We help you get the most from your custom B2Me solution. To ensure your solution is implemented smoothly, and that captured information is utilised to its full potential our experienced team will provide key tips to help ensure you're fully prepared before your first communication goes out. For larger projects, if you need implementation help, we're happy to work alongside internal teams and vendors, keeping everyone engaged, informed and moving forward. It's in our nature to blend in as an extended arm of your marketing team, and provide strong leadership where needed.

    We can also help to boost your team’s knowledge and skill sets. Our training, coaching, and information sessions, will help your company get the most out of relationship marketing, and B2Me.

  3. Develop a plan for execution
    Regardless of your project size, you'll appreciate our detailed approach to planning and execution, and our innate ability to adapt to emerging business realities on the fly.

  4. Lead implementation
    We can manage your entire campaign, work within your team, or mobilise and lead your internal teams and vendors to where you want to get to.

Consultative Services

Do you have a great product or service but are hitting a roadblock on how to move forward? Let's talk and get some ideas flowing.